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Shaphan Yong Chia, Researcher in Entomology, Insects for Feed and Food, Website Design

Shaphan Y. Chia (PhD)

Scientific Research:

  • Insect-Plant Interactions

  • Soil and Plant Health

    • Insect Frass - Soil Amendment

    • Crop Protection - Integrated Pest Management

  • Insects as Feed, Food & Organic Waste Management

  • Microbial Ecology

  • Etc.

Web Development (CMS):

  • Website Design

  • Letterhead design

  • Logo design

  • Business Card design

  • Etc.


Wageningen, The Netherlands

About Me

I’ve never wanted to tie myself down to any one subject, and this site showcases the many journeys I’ve taken. I do many different things, but each project I take on I approach with the greatest enthusiasm and focus. Take the time to explore my multidisciplinary research work and more. I hope you find it interesting and that it sparks something inside you.

I am a Postdoctoral Researcher at the laboratory of Entomology, Department of Plant Sciences, Wageningen University & Research, The Netherlands.

Born and raised in the North West  Region of Cameroon, Shaphan attended Government High School (formerly: Government Secondary School) in Zhoa (Ordinary Level Certificate, 2005), and later Government High School in Wum, Menchum Division, Cameroon (Advanced Level Certificate, 2007). I then proceeded to obtain a BSc degree in Zoology (Major) and Medical Laboratory Technology (Minor), University of Buea, Cameroon (2011). I obtained the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) scholarship through the African Regional Postgraduate Programme in Insect Science (ARPPIS) which enabled me to complete my Master of Philosophy (MPhil.) degree in Agricultural Entomology, University of Ghana, Legon, Ghana (2015). Thereafter, I got the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) scholarship in 2016 to embark on a doctoral research career. In an ambitious collaborative NWO project, I got a three year's contract with the International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology (icipe), Nairobi, Kenya to conduct the natural science research component of the project. During my PhD research, I worked on an interdisciplinary project that assessed the potential of Black Soldier Fly (BSF) larvae in commercial production of a low-cost, high-quality protein source; the role of women and youth farmer groups in the establishment of intensive insect-based agribusiness enterprises in Kenya, as well as research to assure high nutrition of the insect-based protein products.

PhD Project Partners

This project brought together among several partners:

  • International Centre of Insect Physiology and Ecology, Nairobi, Kenya;

  • Wageningen University & Research, Netherlands, 

  • Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization (KALRO), Naivasha, Kenya.

  • etc.


Project/research Output

My research journey has not been without fruits!

My PhD research project resulted in a seven (7) articles all published in international journals and a thesis book, which I defended at the Wageningen University to obtain my degree of doctor (PhD) in Entomology in 2019.


My Interest in Scientific Research

Ever since I can remember, I’d always wanted to be a professional researcher when I grew up. I’ve always found many subjects intriguing and interesting, motivating me to investigate and research as many sources of information as I could get my hands on. Looking back, it’s that passion and commitment to exploration and discovery that has contributed to my research and publication success.


Current Research Focus

I investigate how insects and insect farming can contribute to sustainable food production. My research focusses on using organic side streams as food for insects, particularly the black soldier fly (BSF) larvae, and the nutritional quality and use of these larvae in animal feed. I also investigate the use of insect frass (by-products) from insect mass production as a potential soil amendment for plant growth and crop protection. My expertise include: insect production for animal feed, design and implementation of integrated crop protection strategies, data analysis and interpretation. A deep interest in uncovering novel scientific developments drives me while embracing new challenges and pushing frontiers. I enjoy conducting in-depth research that provides sustainable solutions to food production and environmental challenges. Currently, I am conducting research in a project that integrates insect production with crop production and host-plant resistance to insect herbivores.

Research Experience

October 2020 - Present

Scientific Research

Insect-plant interaction and ecology

Research to uncover the interactions between plants, beneficial soil microbes, and insect herbivores - plant resistance/defence Organic


Organic Waste Management through insect Production

• Use organic residues from insect (Black Soldier Fly, Mealworm, Crickets, etc.) mass production as a soil amendment to improve soil health/quality and promote plant growth, in the context of a circular agriculture.

• Monitoring and evaluating organic waste composting process in semi-controlled climatic environment

• Testing maturity and stability of insect-based composts Plant growth, Insect herbivore performance

Plant growth, Insect herbivore performance

• Assess plant growth and insect performance under varying soil nutrient conditions using insect frass as an organic fertilizer.

Other experiences

Read my full CV here

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