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Poultry, pig and fish farming are the fastest growing agribusiness activities in East Africa. However, the high cost of feeds greatly hampers profitable gains for small and medium-holder farmers in these sectors. There is a research need for alternative sources of low-cost feed supplements. The proposed project will exploit the potential of insects, mainly the black soldier fly (BSF), Hermetia illucens in commercial production of a low-cost, high-quality protein source to supplement feeds for poultry, pig and fish farmers. Through its consortium partners, the project will create awareness and market opportunities in production of insect-based protein for the livestock industry. The project will work with youth and women farmer groups to build their capacity to rear BSF and market thereby ensuring farmer participation in establishment of intensive insect-based agribusiness enterprises. The consortium will also engage in research to assure high nutrition and microbial safety of the insect-based protein products.

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