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Last updated: 28/04/2022

Each role in my career path has provided me with an opportunity to learn, grow, and continue developing both as a person and as a professional.

As a researcher, I’ve been fortunate to participate in a variety of fascinating research projects and to have had the opportunity to investigate subjects that I find particularly interesting and important. 

My Active Research Interests

Include but not limited to:

  • insect farming (for Food & Feed); 

  • insect side streams (frass) valorization - use as a biofertilizer; 

  • insect-plant-interactions

  • soil-microbe-plant-interactions

  • microbial ecology and soil health; 

  • plant growth promotion; 

  • plant resistance to insect herbivores;

  • Etc.



Shaphan Y. Chia, C.M. Tanga, I.M. Osuga, A.O. Alaru, D.M. Mwangi, M. Githinji, T. Dubois, S. Ekesi, J.J.A. van Loon and M. Dicke (2021). Black soldier fly larval meal in feed enhances growth performance, carcass yield and meat quality of finishing pigs. Journal of Insects as Food and Feed: 7 (4)- Pages: 433 - 447. Read here

Shaphan Y. Chia, Chrysantus M. TangaIsaac M. OsugaXavier ChesetoSunday EkesiMarcel DickeJoop J.A. van Loon (2020). Nutritional composition of black soldier fly larvae feeding on agro‐industrial by‐products. Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata168, (6-7). Read here


Shaphan Y. Chia, Macharia J, Diiro GM, Kassie M, Ekesi S, van Loon JJA, Marcel Dicke (2020). Smallholder farmers’ knowledge and willingness to pay for insect-based feeds in Kenya. PLoS ONE: 15(3): e0230552. Read here

Shaphan Y. ChiaChrysantus M. Tanga, Joop J.A. van Loon, Marcel Dicke (2019). Insects for sustainable animal feed: inclusive business models involving smallholder farmers. Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability: 41:23 – 30. Read here

Shaphan Y. Chia; Tanga, C.M.; Osuga, I.M.; Alaru, A.O.; Mwangi, D.M.; Githinji, M.; Subramanian, S.; Fiaboe, K.K.M.; Ekesi, S.; van Loon, J.J.A.; Dicke, M.  (2019). Effect of Dietary Replacement of Fishmeal by Insect Meal on Growth Performance, Blood Profiles and Economics of Growing Pigs in Kenya. Animals: 9(10), 705. Read here

Shaphan Y. Chia, Tanga CM, Osuga IM, Mohamed SA, Khamis FM, Salifu D, Sevgan S, Fiaboe KKM, Niassy S, van Loon JJA, Dicke M, Ekesi S. (2018). Effects of waste stream combinations from brewing industry on performance of Black Soldier Fly, Hermetia illucens (Diptera: Stratiomyidae). PeerJ: 6:e5885. Read here

Shaphan Y. Chia, Tanga CM, Khamis FM, Mohamed SA, Salifu D, Sevgan S, et al. (2018) Threshold temperatures and thermal requirements of black soldier fly Hermetia illucens: Implications for mass production. PLoS ONE 13(11): e0206097. Read here

Shaphan Y. Chia (2019). Black soldier fly larvae as a sustainable animal feed ingredient in Kenya

PhD Thesis. Wageningen University & Research, The Netherlands. Read here

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