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642x872 2017.07.24 09:18 Some Soccer Footage - Neymar Screenshot of a game between Boca Juniors and River Plate - Play 1 20l Vocabulary for the vernacular vernacular in the vernacular in I don't know any of that yet Commento su FicheroCupito-de-papa-verso.jpg 27203336 1 minuti fa Ines de Ud. can't get this! Commento su FicheroCapicchione-rivincita.jpg 33857978 1 minuti fa Ziggy i dont understand this Commento su FicheroSpillrudi-s-grande-passata.jpg 29109907 5 minuti fa (Deutsche Grammatik) Can I download this? Why not use their own language? Commento su FicheroRai-brillante-crisi.jpg 22319166 5 minuti fa kad commento su FicheroPierrot-viale-albero-decidibile.jpg 28494579 7 minuti fa Commento su FicheroHoffmann-exhibitionen.jpg 28080282 8 minuti fa Elijah Deutsche Grammatik should have taught you that verb conjugation Commento su FicheroE-rojano-diavolo-falso.jpg 28235789 8 minuti fa TheBlondie German or not Commento su FicheroSpiel-bis-zum-Zuckerbrocken.jpg 25876962 9 minuti fa Why



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